Best Tools to Manage a Logistics Company

Best Tools to Manage a Logistics Company

There are several logistics management tools available in the market. Some of them are Orderhive, Kuebix, and Docufree Document Cloud. These tools can help you organize your business’s data and make management much easier. The tools are designed to help you track all the activities of your business and make sure that all information is available to all employees.


If you’re in the business of logistics, Orderhive is an invaluable tool for managing the operations of your removalists company. It connects you to multiple dropshippers and third-party logistics providers in one place, and it’s easy to manage your inventory and shipping costs. The software offers a variety of features to improve customer satisfaction and increase your bottom line. In addition, it enables you to identify the bestselling products, the most valuable customers, and assess the strengths and weaknesses of your business.

Orderhive’s automation engine can handle all the complex tasks that a logistics company faces, including multi-channel sales, demand-based inventory, and order status updates. It can also automatically create purchase orders for items that are out of stock, automate your return management process, and streamline your inventory and shipping operations.

Orderhive can simplify order management by providing a single centralized dashboard with real-time inventory updates and stock alerts. It also integrates with several popular third-party platforms, including PayPal and Stripe.

Dossier Fleet Management

Whether you need to manage employees or vehicles, Dossier Fleet Management will help you streamline your work. Its cloud-based architecture makes it accessible from any browser or mobile device. The system can also help you reduce operational costs by preventing breakdowns, which are up to four times as costly as preventive maintenance.

Fleet managers should consider the cost of on-site CMMS products when deciding which software is best for them. Some on-premises software requires staff to install and maintain it, as well as ongoing costs for upgrades, hot fixes, and backups. On-site software is often much more expensive than SaaS, because it requires ongoing staff time and expense to keep it up to date. In contrast, SaaS pricing is based on monthly fees for assets and users. This can include additional upgrades depending on functionality requirements.

AMCS Dossier Fleet Maintenance solution identifies preventive maintenance and alerts users when they are due. This helps fleets maximize uptime while minimizing breakdowns and unplanned maintenance, which can take assets out of service at the most inconvenient times. This solution also minimizes the number of manual data entry.

Docufree Document Cloud

The Docufree Document Cloud is an innovative way to manage documents, streamline collaboration across departments, and improve governance, security, and accountability. It features powerful features such as document capture and OCR, search functionality, annotations, workflow automation, and audit trails. It also enables you to store unlimited documents without incurring storage fees.

Document management software is an essential part of any logistics company. The logistics industry involves a large amount of paperwork. With this kind of software, you can eliminate paper documents and streamline your processes, reducing redundancy and improving efficiency. You can also use the software to store information in a secure, encrypted space. In addition, it lets you share documents with clients instantly.

Docufree Document Cloud is a cloud-based document management system that integrates paper and electronic documents into a single platform. This software is compatible with ADP’s HCM suite, and it allows you to manage documents from anywhere, anytime. It also helps you reduce paper waste and improve employee productivity.


Kuebix is a transportation management system (TMS) that offers a suite of tools to manage your entire supply chain. With predictive analytics and real-time tracking, this solution provides a comprehensive view of your freight operations. It also helps you maximize the performance of your transportation operations through integration with various carriers and modes.

Kuebix’s robust set of features includes the LSP Platform, mobile driver app, yard management, and customs management. It also has Parcel, a complex multi-carrier shipping management system that automatically generates packing slips, calculates shipping quotes, and provides a list of movers who you can get spot quotes and book instantly. Kuebix also offers procurement and drop shipping solutions, as well as integrations with ERP and CRM software.

Kuebix’s transportation management system provides enterprise-level capabilities for multi-modal operations and is also scalable and modular. It can help companies optimize their freight processes, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction. It can also support parcel shipments and integrate with private fleets.

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