How Optical Filter Glass Is Used Across Industries

How Optical Filter Glass Is Used Across Industries

With its ability for selective absorption of wavelengths in the visible spectrum, optical filter glass is known for its diverse application. Used for light blocking, absorption and transmittance, this glass is used by a huge range of industries including the medical and biotech field and security industry for scanning, lighting and other purposes. Here are the different ways these industries use optical glass:

How Optical Filter Glass Is Used Across Industries

Visuals Made Possible Through Filter Glass

Filters are commonly used for consumer optics like cameras and are made of glass that vary in type, thickness and absorption to control light exposure. Filters are useful in being able to pass certain light while blocking others, such as infrared cut filters being able to pass infrared light and block UV light. Infrared cut filters are used to prevent overheating in devices made with incandescent light bulbs such as slide projectors and photocopying machines. Visual equipment such as photographic and video cameras can be attached with colored and specialty filters that are used for image enhancement, including functions to:

  • Reduce glare
  • Extend time of light exposure
  • Limit vignetting
  • Block the lens from UV ray damage
  • Serve as a layer of protection for the lens
  • Improve white balance

In addition to controlling light exposure, optical filter glass is frequently used in medical and science equipment for providing lighting. Medical professionals such as doctors and dentists perform surgery or other procedures with the aid of lamps and sterilization equipment that use filter glass while researches use optical microscopes that operate with fluorescence illumination.

Scanning Everything From Bar Codes to People

The strength, durability and diverse properties of filter glass are useful for industrial equipment from lighting to sensors. For industries that require scanning of multiple equipment or confirming the identity of personnel or currency, optical filter glass is advanced for reading product barcode and checking personal and biological identification with fingerprints using UV illumination.

Having the functionality for infrared detection, this glass is effective in surveillance equipment used by those in the security and defense industry. Filter glass is essential for day and night surveillance as well as for other instruments for observation like periscopes. Infrared lighting and imaging allows for the monitoring of others through sensors without detection, making it ideal for security and military purposes. With its varied applications, optical glass is beneficial for a huge range of industries from helping medical professionals to monitoring security, and will continue to be used in future applications.

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