Starbucks Has Just Started The Partnership With Spotify

The Starbucks Coffee Company, popularly known as the Starbucks has agreed to come in a relationship with the Spotify, a music streaming services. This is one of its kinds in the relationship where the two companies have shown the intent to enter into the multiyear relationship to give the members of both the services a unique experience and music ecosystem.

What does the Relationship offer?


This relationship will be a huge boost for both of the companies. There are almost 7000 US-based stores for Starbucks and more than 10 million Starbucks Royalty members. Now all of them will be directly linked to the 60 million users of the Spotify. Starbucks has always been very closely associated with the music and thus has influenced many people with the taste of music and globalized the pop music. The new relationship will introduce the Spotify directly to the Starbucks customers. This is expected to be a unique experience for the customers in the stores and digital ecosystem. The My Starbucks Royalty Members more often called as the MSR members will have the access to the Starbucks music at the Spotify. It will always give the opportunity to access the in-store playlist of the Starbucks as well. However, this is not the end of it as Spotify members can become the MSR members can also earn the “Stars as Currency” with this initiative. Also, you can identify the songs that have been played in the Starbucks Store and then download it. You can now simply save the song from there to Spotify. This is increasing the digital experience of the music for the Spotify and Starbucks users by all means.

Where it is heading?


The new Starbucks and Spotify relationship will be first implemented in the United States. However, it will be soon be implemented in Canada and UK after that. According to the agreement, all the Starbucks employees will get the Spotify Premium subscription and the Spotify Subscription should be promoted in all of the Starbucks stores throughout. However, in return for it, the Spotify will provide the tools that can ensure high-end music experience in the in-store music programming of the Starbucks. Spotify music streaming will now include a featured playlist showing the featured music of the Starbucks. It should be accessible to the people via Starbucks Mobile App as well. Starbucks has enriched music of two decades and the reach of the music will now be increased to 60 million global users of the Spotify.

How is it going to impact?

This is a mutually beneficial relationship for Starbucks and the Spotify. The customer engagement and reach for both of the companies will be increased by large amount now. Spotify has so far recorded more than 25 billion music hours. However, on the other side, the Starbucks has the enriched music culture and history that needs the right platform. This relationship will promote the business of each other and at the same time, the user experience will be increased by a large amount for all.