samsung galaxy s7 micro usb

Why did Samsung not include USB Type-C on S7 and S7 edge models?

Samsung has released the Galaxy S7 which should be in the hands of those who pre-ordered in February by now. One of the great things about the early pre-order is the fact that the purchase comes with a free VR headset. That is a win! VR is next in line when it comes to ground breaking technology and is the way to go in terms of making accessible to and through every day devices such as smart phones.

However, one of the most notable things not present in the S7 despite its great features in the USB Port Type-C USB-C is small, reversible and powerful, and it would take the likes of a big player the size of Samsung to really smooth out the transition from micro USB. People are wondering why the Korean company opted out of the port. Wonder no more, Samsung actually had reasons:

1. The Market is not ready

It is one thing for people to want a feature and it is another for them to be ready for it. So many devices are still using micro USB. The uniformity or popularity of this has made it easy to have one cable which is even more convenient when one is travelling and for those who have a bunch of devices that have this same feature. You can use the cables from one with another which means that even if one is down and out, you are still not left hanging.

Introducing the port to the market would mean that people would have to carry both cables everywhere because the micro USB and the Port-C use different cables. Port-C may be faster but it needs to be introduced in a way that does not inconvenience the users.

2. Gear VR from Samsung

With the introduction of Samsung’s Gear VR, the use of smart phones is getting even better. Samsung has a dream for VR technology and this is evident through their Gear VR. People have been buying the gear for months now and it uses micro USB. You guessed it! No one would have appreciated buying a great VR headset only to buy the latest model of the flagship, the S7, and not be able to use them together. It was therefore paramount that Samsung include the micro USB port in the S7 to make sure that those who bought the headset months before did not get shortchanged.

3. Fast charging

Samsung already has fast charging as a feature which partly makes up for not having a USB Type-C port. The battery can charge from 0 to about 30 percent in under thirty minutes. So Samsung already offers some advantages of type-C port through other features on its phone. This does not have anything to do with the transfer of files though.


Samsung is not saying that they will never use the Type-C port. It may not be available in the S7 but with growth and expansion of the readiness of the market, it will include it with time.