samsung galaxy s8

Samsung Galaxy S8 – What’s new

It is customary for Samsung to release new models of the Galaxy Series every year. At the end of March, the Galaxy S8 is going to be announced so it can be on sale from April. Tech enthusiasts are always excited about flagships as they are often a step up from the previous year’s models. There is also the need to see which brand outdoes the other as different manufacturers release new models every year.

There have been many rumors surrounding the Galaxy S8. What should we expect from this flagship?

Design and Display

Samsung Galaxy S8 is largely expected to have the same display as its predecessor, the S7. The flagship is rumored to have Quad HD resolution. One of the new things expected to feature is 4K resolution since the company is also working on growing its VR Gear which means that their flagships need to start featuring higher resolution screens that will work together with the Gear VR improvements to improve the user’s overall VR experience.

The S8’s design features a curved screen and a 5.8 inch display which is bigger than the Galaxy S7’s. This flagship also boasts of a wide 18.5:9 ratio which is a step up from the S7. The increase in size has not led to an increase in thickness as well as the width is still maintained at 69.6 mm. another notable change is the lack of a home screen button. Instead, the S8 has a virtual home screen that includes a fingerprint sensor and scanner.

Software and Camera

The S8 is set to feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 or the Exynos 8895 chip depending on the region. There is rumor of an AI voice assistant, Bixby, being present in the Galaxy S8. The flagship is expected to launch with Android Nougat.

The camera is also very similar to that of the S7. The rear facing camera and front facing camera are 12 MP and 8 MP respectively. The rear camera will still have the dual lens feature that was present in the S7. However, the front-facing camera is said to have an iris scanner and is expected to have autofocus. The aperture for both cameras will be maintained at f/1.7.

Battery Life and Storage

The Galaxy S8 is rumored to have a 3000 or 3250mAh battery power pack, a step up from the S7. The S8 is the first to benefit from the new eight-point testing system that was developed to enhance safety with the increase in size of the battery packs. This follows the debacle with the flammable properties of the Note 7 that had them recalled. Internal storage is set to start at 64 GB with the option to have external storage for extra capacity.

There are rumors that the flagship could have 4, 6 or 8 GB RAM, a feature that can only be ascertained after the phone is announced on March 29.


The Samsung Galaxy S8 is something to look forward to as it promises to have some improvements from the S7. Anyone with a contract ending their ownership of the S6 should hold off a bit longer and upgrade to this flagship as opposed to the S7.