samsung galaxy note 7 screen protector

How to apply a screen protector on the Galaxy Note 7

Screen protectors are an important tool in keeping the phone in pristine conditions. And when we’re talking about a device like the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the need for protection is even bigger! They help to keep scratches off the phone screen and come in two major variants.

The first is the clear, thin sheet of plastic cover that protects the screen from scratches and gets worn out after a few months of use. It maintains the phone screen in the original size and thickness.

The second is the protector manufactured from tempered glass. This is also a relatively thin sheet of glass that protects the screen from scratches and breakage in case of falls as well as it is the first point of contact with a surface in such cases. It makes the phone screen thicker but it gives the user the same feel as that present in the original screen.

All these are available for reasonable prices such as $1 for a bunch. They can also be purchased in units for a few dollars on Amazon or eBay.

Preconditions to screen protector application

  • There are some important things to note in applying a protector to the Note 7. These include:
  • Working in a room that is not dusty and dirty. A bathroom after a hot shower is a good place to do this
  • Always have a microfiber cloth and a credit card before starting the application
  • In case of stubborn bubbles getting stuck underneath the protector, peel it off and reapply as before until the bubbles disappear completely

How to apply a screen protector on the Galaxy Note 7

The peel-back method is the best to use as it ensures that the surface underneath the protector does not get dust. The step by step of this method is:

  • Wash your hands to remove excess oils and dirt. This helps to avoid fingerprints and dirt on the screen
  • Have a microfiber cloth at hand and wipe down the screen first before applying the protector
  • Align the screen protector with the bottom part of the screen
  • Peel off some of the second layer from the screen protector and apply the protector onto the screen
  • Once applied, peel back this second covering slowly as you smooth the protector onto the rest of the screen

Applying the protector onto the Note 7 is a difficult process because of the phablet’s curved edges. The curves make precision a necessary condition in application of the protector. This is because a misalignment or an overlap in the protector at any edge will lead to dust gathering underneath which defeats the purpose of the protector in the first place.

The arch method

For this method the steps are pretty simple:

  • Wash your hands and wipe the screen as in the peel back method
  • Arch the screen protector from its second layer
  • Apply it onto the length of the phone, aligning the earpiece down through to the home button
  • Use a credit card to squeegee out any bubbles that may be trapped between the screen protector and the screen

While application of the screen protector is not an easy thing because of the curved edges, it is not an impossible task if one follows the above steps.