Coolest Things You Can Print 3D

Technology has been on the rise since last few decades and innovative machines and functionalities are coming across in the world. However, 3D Printing is one of the most fascinating and innovative things that has been introduced in recent times. There are ranges of stuff that can be printed in 3D and it looks pretty amazing. You may have a 3D printer but if you get these things printed then there can be nothing better. The creativity with the 3D printers can be mesmerizing and here are some of the most creative and amusing things that you can print.

Headphone Wrapper


You know that the headphones often get tangled and become difficult to handle. However, the 3D printer can help you out to manage the headphones and ensure that it never gets tangled again. You can print the ghost shaped headphone wrapper with the plastic and that will help you to keep the headphones intact. This is really creative and amusing.

Table Lamp


You can make interesting table lamp made with the pieces of small plastics and other materials. All you have to do is to snap all the pieces together and make the stunning Table Lamp that will not only be attractive to look but also equally fascinating to create.

Chip Clip


There are many people who love to eat snacks on the go. However, the freshness of the snacks go with the air contact and that can be very irritating and frustrating at times if you do not have a chip clip. However, if you do not have one, then no need to buy one. You can 3D print the Chip Clip with plastic that can make your snacks fresh and crisp as always.

Pick Up Holder


Do you have your small studio at home and spend most of the time in there? Well, for all the music lovers, the pickup holder for the guitars can be made from the 3D print. It looks pretty amazing and most importantly it is very useful.

Headphones part


This can be the most incredible part of the 3D printing. The 3D printer can replace your broken headphone part. Now, there is no need to buy a new headphone or repairing it, as you have the 3D printer. You can simply 3D print the part to ensure that the headphones are working fine. However, that does not mean the quality will be superior. However, it is creative and useful.

Garlic Paste


You can even make some cool kitchen tool as well. All you have to is to print the cool garlic paste from the plastic and then use it for cooking. This can be very useful and it also looks astonishing.

Hairpin Legged Furniture


You can make the hairpin leg for the furniture especially chairs and tables. It looks special and at the same time increases the durability of the furniture and keeps your floor intact as well.

These are few amazing things that can be made with the help of the 3D printer. You can use it to maximize the productivity of the 3D printer.