Best LG G6 Screen Protectors

Technology has come a long way. Gone are the days when a phone screen was left at the mercy of anything and everything that came at it. Now there are screen protectors that protect the screen and display from damage. They are very affordable and are the first accessory that a new phone owner should look for and buy.

The LG G6, LG’s new flagship has not been left behind when it comes to screen protectors. Some of the best in the market include but are not limited to:

1. Supershieldz

supershieldz lg g6 screen protector

This is the best protector if you are tired of fingerprint smudges on your phone screen. The glass is highly durable and protects the display from scratches and scrapes. It also has an added advantage of easy application and removal, not to mention that it doesn’t affect the screen’s functionality, so you can easily unlock your LG G6, with a single swipe. One can get it from Amazon at $8.

2. Techfilm

techfilm lg g6 screen protector

The TechFilm protector has a screen coating. The work of this is to protect the phone’s screen from oil, moisture and fingerprints. It offers protection beyond the conventional scrapes and dents. It also boasts of High Definition of clarity which allows the user to still have clear and phenomenal viewing despite adding another layer on the screen. The best part is that it costs only $3 on Amazon.

3. Dmax Armor

dmax armor lg g6 screen protector

This screen protector is available on Amazon for $8.50. It has an easy application process and contains a screen wipe, a dust remover and a lint-free cloth in the package for the process. It is made from high quality material, protecting the LG G6’s screen from any breakage, scratches or grazes among other things. It is also sensitive to touch which makes the user’s phone experience the same even when it has tempered glass.

4. Armorsuit

armorsuit lg g6 screen protector

Armorsuit is best known for the high quality phone cases as well as tempered glass protectors. This Shield is made from military grade material which possesses self-healing characteristics. Your phone never has to have scratches. It also has UV protection which prevents yellowing. To top it all off, this slim screen protector is highly responsive which makes it easy to give commands without the lag that other screen protectors often cause.

5. Sparin

sparin lg g6 screen protector

Available on Amazon for only $8, this screen protector is extra hard which translates into extra protection. It would take a lot for the protector to break therefore it protects the screen even from some very nasty falls. It is also very responsive and is also transparent so that it does not interfere with the users viewing on the screen. It is the perfect combination of efficiency and aesthetic balance.


One can never go wrong with these tempered glass screen protectors. They are high quality protectors that will do a lot of good for your LG G6. Plus, they are very affordable and durable which are good qualities. Now you can ensure that your new flagship has a screen that is adequately protected from any scratch, break, graze or breakage. You will not have to worry about cosmetic wear and tear anytime soon.