15 Best Creative Photos of All Time

There is no limit of opportunity and boundaries of creativity. The bind free mind goes various places and takes chances to be innovative and creative. In the same way, Photography is an art and it has lot of things to say. In a world when selfie has become a habit for all, creative and powerful photography is very important and at the same time significant as well. Here are 15 most creative photos that have spoken thousands of words and will continue to do so.

1. Starving boy and missionary


One may think that it is photo but the creativity of the photographer has depicted the unequal distribution. The starving boy of Africa has made all the difference in the photo captured by Mike Wills.

2. Inside an Auschwitz gas chamber


The struggling life and the inside view of the gas chamber has been depicted here with fine creativity.

3. Dedication


Heart surgeon after 23-hour-long heart transplant and the doctor shows that there is nothing more important than concentration, passion and dedication.

4 Father and son (1949 vs 2009)


Something never changes.

5. Violin in Grief


It depicts the hope of better future and tomorrow through the music.

6. Music is soul


A Russian soldier playing an abandoned piano shows the music is soul and answer to war.

7. Reborn


The significance of getting the second birth and opportunity in life is the inner meaning of this photo.

8. I am Different


This photograph shows the power of being different in the crowd. You can stand out even though you may not be the best.

9. Renaissance


The change is coming and so is the future; this picture describes the all about awakeners and awareness.

10. Survival of the fittest


The one who is fit will survive in this cruel world despite being the same all the time.

11. Let’s Fly


This the beautiful depiction of flying away from all the struggles.

12. The Wish


There is no boundary and there is no limit of wish. People can wish whatever they can but they should believe themselves to achieve that.

13. The Ageing World


This picture speaks a thousand words. It has shown the ageing world with aged human and a dog with the aged nature with no tree and dry land everywhere. This is one of the most powerful photography for the Global Warming.

14. Joy of Life


There is no better feeling than life in the world. Life always finds a way to come out even if there are thousands of obstacles. This photo describes the power of life even in the era of nuclear.

15. Yet another day in Mars


This is a photo of a Sunset in the Mars. However, the picture is more known as to describe the circle even if there is no life. This is considered as one of the most beautiful photos taken from the Mars for the Sunset.

These photographs are known for their thoughts and meaning linked to it.